Misty Slope


The Road to a Better You

Did you know that what time we wake, sleep and eat can greatly affect our energy and digestion?

Learn 11 habits of Ayurveda that teach you how to flow with the changing energetics of the day.

Introduction: Ayurveda, habit change and identity awareness

Habit 1: Eating a Simple Dinner

Digestion and how it affects sleep

Habit 2: Getting a Good Night Sleep

Feeling fatigue and working with the energies of the day

Habit 3: Setting the tone for the Day

Gratitude, hydration, elimination

Habit 4: Flowing with Breath

Opening the subtle channels of the body

Habit 5: Enjoying a Midday Meal

Rhythmic eating

Habit 6: Illuminating our Agni

How we eat is just as important as what we eat

Habit 7: The Magic of Water

Quality and consciousness and their affect on our physiology

Habit 8: Quieting the Mind

Sitting in Silence


Habit 9: Massaging with Love

Lymphatic drainage and self love

Habit 10: Attuning the Senses

Cleansing and nourishing our sense organs

Habit 11: Growing with Grace

Making small daily choices that keep us in a flow

Closing: Mind body/soul connection, wrap up, creative support and closing thoughts


We meet weekly, and together, embody healthy habits help us be the most balanced version of ourselves.

$1,111 if paid in full or 4 payments of $300.00

Bonuses include:

11 individual coaching sessions for support and accountability with Emily

Community of like minded people


Recorded meetings

Actionable worksheets




Welcome gift which includes daily Ayurvedic cleansing rituals, teas, oils and stones